About Us

Who Are We?

In January 2020, Carmen Kossakowski launched Ruby Aqua Accessories. She was just 15 years old at the time and was inspired to do so after wanting to provide a more affordable option for young girls all over the world who struggle to find trendy jewelry that is in their price range. At a young age, Carmen  had the mind of an entrepreneur. She loved creating jewelry and selling them to her friends at school as well as doing arts and crafts for the majority of her day. When Carmen got into high school, she wanted to pursue a long time hobby of hers and turn it into a successful small business.

Why Jewelry?

Founder of Ruby Aqua, Carmen loves to accessories her outfits with a bit of bling. The jewelry that Ruby Aqua sells is meant to empower young girls who strive to succeed in academics and their day to day lives, by giving them the self-confidence they desire! Carmen believes that jewelry ties together a look instilling confidence in future successful women.